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A. The particulars of Organization its functions and duties.

ICAR-Agricultural Technology Application Research Institute (ATARI), Zone XI, Bengaluru is a unit of ICAR. For organization, functions, mission, mandate and objectives please refer to page 1 to 5 of "Annual Report 2018-19" available in website.

B. The powers and duties of its officers and employees.

ICAR-ATARI, Zone XI is a unit of ICAR. Director of the institute exercises all the powers delegated by the ICAR. He is fully supported by Scientists, AAO, AFAO, Technical and Administrative staff.

C. The procedures followed in the decision-making process.

Director executes and implements all the research and administrative programmes as per rules and regulations prescribed by the ICAR. The IMC guide and support the Director on decision making process, while Scientists, AAO, AFAO & Technical Staff supports in day to day activities of the institute.

D. The norms set by it for the discharge of its functions.

The norms are set by the ICAR headquarters New Delhi. ICAR rules and bye laws, circulars, instructions issued from time to time are followed.

E. The rules regulation instruction manuals and records help by it or under its control or used by its employees for discharging its function.

ARS Rules for Scientific Staff, TSR for Tech Staff. Civil services Rules of Govt. of India are applicable Mutatis Mutandis to ICAR employees.

F. Categories of documents that are held by it or under its control.

Annual reports, Project Reports, etc.

G. Boards, councils, committees and other bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the purpose of its advice, and as to whether meetings of those board, councils, committees and other bodies are open to the public or the minutes of such meetings are accessible for public.

IMC and RAC for the Institute, ZMC for NICRA Project, ZPMC for FFP is constituted by ICAR New Delhi which are similar to all ATARIs and its functions are defined by ICAR New Delhi itself.

H. A directory of its officers and employees.

Available in follwing ICAR-ATARI, ZOne-XI website.

I. The monthly remuneration received by each of its officers and employees including the system of employees including the system of compensation as provided in its regulations.

List enclosed.

J. The names, designations and other particulars of the public information Officers.

Available in following ICAR-ATARI, Zone XI website..

Gross Monthly Remuneration of ATARI Zone XI Staff

1) When did it came into force?

It came into force on the 12th October, 2005 (120th day of its enactment on 15th June, 2005). obligations of public authorities [S.4(1)], designation of Public Information Officers and Assistant Public Information Officers[S.5(1) and 5(2)], constitution of Central Information Commission (S.12 and 13), constitution of State Information Commission (S.15 and 16), non-applicability of the Act to Intelligence and Security Organizations (S.24) and power to make rules to carry out the provisions of the Act (S.27 and 28).

2) Who is covered?

The Act extends to the whole of India except the State of Jammu and Kashmir. [S.(12)]

3) What does information mean?

Information means any material in any form including records, documents, memos, e-mails, opinions, advices, press releases, circulars, orders, logbooks, contracts, reports, papers, samples, models, data material held in any electronic form and information relating to any private body which can be accessed by a public authority under any other law for the time being in force but does not include "file notings" [S.2(f)].

4) What does Right to Information mean?

It includes the right to - inspect works, documents, records. take notes, extracts or certified copies of documents or records. take certified samples of material. obtain information in form of printouts, diskettes, floppies, tapes, video cassettes or in any other electronic mode or through printouts.[S.2(j)]

5) Fees to be Paid:-- Fees to be charged has been decided by DO(PT).

Quarterly Reports

Contact Persons

  • PIO : Dr.K.Thimmappa, Senior Scientist(Agril.Econ.)

    ICAR-Agricultural Technology Application Research Institute, MRS, H.A. Farm Post, Hebbal,Boopsandra Main Road Bangalore–560024, Phone 080-23410614 e-mail: atari.bengaluru@icar.gov.in

  • CAPIO : Dr.D.V.Kolekar, Scientist(Vet.Extn.Education),

    ICAR-Agricultural Technology Application Research Institute, MRS, H.A. Farm Post, Hebbal,Boopsandra Main Road Bangalore–560024, Phone 080-23410614 e-mail: atari.bengaluru@icar.gov.in

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  • Kindly update the KVK profile, events, staff position, facilities and contact details at KVK Portal periodically.
  • Please send the send the news items for ATARI News as well as ICAR news with full details like event description, date, photographs, participants and major benefits accrued to farming
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Contact Us

The Director
ICAR Agricultural Technology Application Research Institute(ICAR-ATARI)
Zone-XI, MRS, H.A. Farm Post, Hebbal, Bengaluru - 24.

Telephone, Fax and Email

Phone : +91-80-23410614
Fax       : +91-80-23410615
Email   : atari.bengaluru@icar.gov.in

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